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September 11:  Welcome!
September 12:  Introducing Jackson
September 18:  Jackson's First Surgery
September 19:  Surgery Update
September 21:  Surgery Update
September 24:  a weekend visit
September 27:  medical update
October 1:  Keep Hoping!
October 4:  Jackson's Bandana
October 11:  Vocal cord damage
October 14:  Vocal cord paralysis
Ocotber 15:  an update
October 31:  Here's some details and we also got some pictures and videos!
                    Dad's first diaper change and feeding update
November 6:  Disappointing news
November 12:  More tests
November 15:  No test results yet
November 17:  YAY!!
November 21:  Tupperware for Sale!
November 24:  Turkey Day Visit
November 29:  Some updates
December 1:  Surgery update
December 2:  Another change
December 6:  Surgery Postponed
December 6:  Details
December 10:  Trying Again
December 13:  Surgery update
                        More updates
                       A story from my mom (Jake's aunt)
December 17: Today's Visit
December 19:  Sara's visit today
December 23:  12/23 Visit
December 27:  Meet Baby Samson
                       Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
December 30:  PayPal Donations
December 31:  Happy New Year!
                   New video
January 4:  We're Home!!!
January 11:  Jack at home
January 12:  Today
                    So far so good!
January 25:  Jackson is cool
February 1:  Big guy
                    Quick Update
February 9:  Jackson's Day
February 11:  Weekend Update
February 14:  CHD Awareness Day
February 16:  Updates from Jessica
February 17:  Quick Update
February 18:  Frustration
February 24:  All is well
March 4:  Update
March 6:  Progress
March 11:  Update
March 13:  Home again!
March 14:  Pray for Adam!
                  Jackson's Heart T-shirts and other info
March 21:  Adam Update!!
                   Update on the tshirts...
March 24:  Introducing Adam!
March 25:  RSV
                   My thoughts
March 31:  Saturday visit
April 7:  Updates
              (If you attended the benefit, please share your comments/thoughts/experience!!)
                 My thoughts!
April 12:  Some Updates
                (If you attended the benefit, please share your comments/thoughts/experience!!)
April 16:  Everyone Rules!
April 20:  Searching for Saving Hearts of America! *Updated 5/20/07
April 21:  Tiny Steps
April 22:  Good Sunday
April 23:  Pictures!
April 27:  We are walking!!
April 30:  Sunday visit
             Nice Daddy Visit
May 8:  Quick Update
May 15:  Introducing...
May 24:  Breathing Tube
May 25:  The Latest
May 28:  Nothing new
May 29:  Jackson today
June 2:  Nothing new
              Check out these CafePress Stores!
June 10:  Update
                The next step
June 15:  Update
                 Jackson's Prayer Chain - From MySpace
                 My Friday night visit with Jackson, and family! *including pictures!*
June 17:  Weekend with Jackson *new photos in the photo album*
                 Video for Jackson ~ Thanks Chrystal!
                 Dear Jackson
June 22:  Pictures for Jackson *new added 6/23*
                For Jackson
                One Week
                Jackson on Zazzle
July 28:  My Blogs
                 Baby Adam's 2nd stage surgery
August 9:  Adam Update!
August 12:  Molly is online!
August 13:  Adam update
September 24:  2008 CHD Angel Calendar
April 12:  Please...
June 17:  strange
June 18:  Held