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This page is dedicated to all of the kids (and adults!) who are living with half a heart.  Even though Jackson's fight on earth is over, the hope is that the treatments for HLHS will continue to improve, and with that, the chance for long-term survival.  As little as 25 years ago, HLHS was 100% fatal.  Some still don't make it, but there are so many that are continuing to live and will do so hopefully for a long time.  There is no life expectancy for a child born with HLHS, because no one knows yet!  These kids are proof that there is Hope for Children with HLHS!
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If you would like to have your child's web page (carepage, journal, myspace, etc.) added to this list, send an email to Jessica@jacksonsheart.com with his/her name, DOB, and link, and a sentence intro if you want.


~Holley Blue was born January 5th, 2004 at Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas