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This page is dedicated to children who, like Jackson, are no longer fighting to live.  Their families have had to say goodbye to them, some were sudden, some were expected.  No matter how it happens, the pain is the same.  Unfortunately, in the war against Congenital Heart Defects, there are going to be some that just can't keep up the fight.  Hopefully, as the surgeries are perfected, and adjusted, and complications are better prepared for and dealt with, there will be fewer families who have to go through this.
If you would like to have your child's web page (carepage, journal, myspace, etc.) added to this list, send an email to Jessica@jacksonsheart.com with his/her name, DOB/D, and link, and a sentence intro if you want.

December 10, 2007 - April 3, 2008
He had HLHS, DORV, Hypoplastic Right Lung and Vein Atresia

October 30, 2006 - November 17, 2006
October 16, 2008 - October 29, 2008